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authored May 12, 2011
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3 title: Did you hear? I'm Ruby Mendicant University's first Visiting Teacher
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7 I've heard [Ruby Mendicant University][1] (also known as RMU, not to confuse
8 you Robert Morris alums!) described as "the best kept secret of the Ruby
9 community." High praise, indeed. If you haven't heard about RMU before, check
10 out this presentation by Andrew Cox: 
12 TL;DR: RMU is a free, online 'unversity' from Gregory Brown, author of 'Ruby
13 Best Practices.' You enter an intermediate Rubyist, and you exit an expert. 
15 Anyway, RMU recently announced that [I'll be their first visiting teacher][2].
16 Basically, I'll be hanging out, giving advice, and just generally being even
17 more accessible to RMU students than I already am. Greg and I have talked a
18 lot about education, Ruby, and a lot of other things... between Hackety's
19 'nothing to intermediate' and RMU's 'intermediate to expert' approaches to
20 learning, anyone wanting to get up to speed with Ruby should have no shortage
21 of resources at their disposal.
23 If you're feeling like you've got the hang of Ruby, but want to take it to the
24 next level, [applications are open][3]! Hopefully I'll see you there.
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