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+title: "The next iteration of Designing Hypermedia APIs"
+date: 2013-02-12 15:34
+I sent out an email today to everyone who'd previously purchased [Designing Hypermedia APIs]( Here's
+the text:
+Hey there,
+First of all, I want to apologize for sending you an email. I try to
+keep these to a minimum. But this one is important.
+I haven't been uploading new content lately for a few reasons.
+Holidays are complicated, I wasn't feeling inspired... but this is the
+real reason: I've totally moved the site to something different. I
+just updated it, so the DNS might need an update, but
+ is all-new. Here's the deal:
+1. Gone is logging in and reading it online. PDF/ePUB/MOBI now.
+2. Because you purchased a copy before, you get the big bundle. Thank
+you for your support over the last year.
+3. You'll be getting another email with a link to download the files.
+When I send an update, you'll get a new email with a new link.
+4. The current written content is basically an appendix: I'm going to
+be writing a more traditional book, from start to finish. It'll walk
+you through building an application, both client and server.
+5. I want this to be of the highest quality, so I'm not going to
+commit to a schedule.
+If you aren't a part of the mailing list, we're doing a reading club
+over the next few months, "Building Hypermedia APIs with HTML5 and
+Node." You can join by emailing
+Thank you once again for your support of this project, I really
+appreciate it. As always, any and all feedback welcome: I bet I can do
+some nicer formatting of the PDF/ePUB/MOBI now that I have them

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