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how to squash commits in a github pull request

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+title: "How to squash commits in a GitHub pull request"
+date: 2012-11-08 23:13
+So you've contributed some code to an open source project, say, Rails. And
+they'd like you to squash all of the commits in your pull request. But you're
+not a git wizard; how do you make this happen?
+Normally, you'd do something like this. I'm assuming `upstream` is a git remote
+that is pointing at the official project repository, and that your changes are
+in your 'omgpull' branch:
+$ git fetch upstream
+$ git checkout omgpull
+$ git rebase upstream/master
+$ git rebase -i
+< choose squash for all of your commits, except the first one >
+< Edit the commit message to make sense, and describe all your changes >
+$ git push origin omgpull -f
+GitHub will then automatically update your pull request with the new commits.
+Super easy!

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