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Announcing emoji 1.0

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+title: "Announcing emoji 1.0"
+date: 2014-02-10 22:11
+A long time ago, I wanted an emoji gem. So I set out to make one. Turns out,
+emoji are damn complex. [Emoji
+Licensing]( was one of the
+results. Who'd have guessed the hard part of making a gem was the legal part!
+Next up was that the 'emoji' gem was waaaay out of date: it was a library for
+converting between Japanese telecoms' emoji, which was important years ago, but
+not now that they're just UTF-8. So I contacted the owner, who graciously gave
+me the gem.
+Well, after doing the legal and social work, it turns out that some other
+people were interested in the idea as well! In the end, [I didn't write very
+much actual
+code](, and
+[Winfield]( really stepped up and made the code
+side happen.
+So today, I'm very happy to have just released version 1.0 of the emoji gem,
+and to officially hand off maintainership to Winfield. Thanks for all your hard
+Install it with
+$ gem install emoji
+And find the source on GitHub:

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