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+title: "Shoes 4 work is starting: get involved"
+date: 2012-05-25 14:23
+As you know, I've been doing a lot of work over the last few years to keep
+\_why's [Shoes]( project going. A few other intrepid
+individuals have been doing a lot as well. We're starting to work on Shoes 4,
+and we'd love your help.
+## A little about Shoes
+If you didn't know, Shoes is a GUI toolkit for Ruby. It uses blocks heavily:
+``` ruby do
+ para "Push the button"
+ button "Me! Me!" do
+ alert "Good job."
+ end
+Super simple. You get native widgets on all platforms.
+## Shoes 4
+Shoes 4 is a total re-write of Shoes. It's being done in JRuby. There are a
+few related projects:
+* ShoesSpec: An executable specification for Shoes implementations, so that
+ others can co-exist. A few other Shoes projects exist already, and a unified
+ interface will be great.
+* Shoes-mocks: Sort of the opposite, a dummy set of Shoes that you can use to
+ test applications written in Shoes.
+* The website: A new website is being made as well. Help here would be just as
+ awesome as work on Shoes itself.
+## What we need
+Of course, pull requests are always welcome. But if you use Shoes or want to,
+please get involved in [the discussions](
+about what Shoes 4 will look like on the bug tracker. Feel free to open an
+Issue with any topic for discussion. Thoughts from users, current and potential,
+are always awesome!
+Let's all have fun developing Shoes 4!

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