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Sparrow, part 1

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+title: "Sparrow, Part 1"
+date: 2012-07-21 15:15
+I purchased Sparrow back when it was $9, and didn't find it particularly
+amazing. I did like it, but ended up using the web interface more. I certainly
+got my $9 of value out of it, though, even though I used it for a short time.
+There's been a lot of complaining about [Sparrow's acquisition](,
+and a lot of complaining about complaining. Most of the complaining about the
+complaining argues that those who complain should feel like me: You bought it,
+you probably got a ton of value out of it. You can't (and shouldn't) complain.
+Theoretically, a market works through feedback mechanisms. That's the whole
+'free market' argument, right? People that participate in the market come
+together, the magic happens, and everything gets allocated correctly. Vote with
+your dollars. Shop somewhere else, and poof! A store that's too expensive won't
+be able to keep its doors open. A triumph for 'free commerce.'
+So why does everyone get all huffy when certain people provide the market with
+feedback about the way that business has been conducted?

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