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Rescuing resque: let's do this

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+title: "Rescuing Resque: Let's do this"
+date: 2012-09-22 06:10
+If you've ever done background job stuff with Rails, you've probably used
+[Resque]( Resque is "Yet Another GitHub
+Project They've Open Sourced and Then Abandoned." But Resque is super awesome:
+it builds a job queue on top of Redis, which is a totally awesome piece of
+Anyway, Resque has been psuedo-abandonware for a while now. In January,
+[Terence Lee]( from Heroku got in charge of the
+project, but it's a big job. Too big of a job to properly manage alone. It's
+hard to sift through [60 pulls and 120 open
+issues](, some of which
+have been open for a few _years_. And manage the 1.x line while working on
+new stuff for 2.0. And debug issues that basically boil down to "When I upgrade
+Resque and this random gem, everything breaks, but when I downgrade that other
+gem, it works again. But Resque throws the error."
+Even outside of heroics, the bus factor on a project that's as important as
+Resque should be higher than one.
+So Terrence gave a presentation at Frozen Rails, and in it, he outlined what
+needs to be done for Resque 2.0, and asked for some help getting it out the
+door. So myself and a few other people are gonna pitch in and help out, and
+we'd love to have you.
+Here's the deal: I will personally be looking at (and already have read) every
+single open issue on GitHub. Feel ignored about something involving Resque?
+You can come to me. I can't guarantee that I can get it fixed, but at least
+I'll help you figure out wtf is going on, and get us a bug report that we can
+use to build a fix.
+Think of it as decoupling the front end from the back end: Terrence can focus
+on writing new code, and I can focus on paying attention to your problems,
+helping you solve them, and getting fixes applied to the 1.x branch.
+If you're interested in helping out, we'd love to have you. Helping triage
+issues would be awesome, fixing bugs would be awesome, writing code would be
+awesome, updating docs would be awesome.
+Let's do this.

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