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+title: "I'm writing 'Rails 4 in Action.'"
+date: 2013-02-13 12:54
+Last night, I took a big step forward in my writing career: I'll be building
+upon the work Ryan Bigg was doing to take "Rails 3 in Action" and move it to
+Rails 4. I signed the contract a few weeks ago, but last night I actually did
+the first bit of editing, and successfully got everything through the system.
+Here's the [early access edition]( link, where
+you can check out what I'm doing. Of course, Rails 4 isn't actually out yet,
+but since I'm on the Rails team, I already keep abreast of changes daily. I'll
+be doing a first pass to take the book from 3.2 to edge over the next few
+weeks, and then keeping it current until the actual release of Rails 4.
+Of course, updating the content is much easier than writing it in the first
+place. Thanks for all of your hard work on previous editions, Yehuda and Ryan!

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