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Draper 1.0.0.beta1 release

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+title: "Draper 1.0.0.beta1 release"
+date: 2012-11-30 14:07
+I'm happy to announce the release of Draper 1.0.0.beta1 today. If you use
+Draper, I'd appreciate you checking out the beta release in your app, kicking
+the tires, and letting me know what's up.
+You can get it by installing it from Rubygems:
+$ gem install draper --pre
+or by putting it in your Gemfile:
+gem "draper", "1.0.0.beta1"
+Notable changes include:
+* Renaming `Draper::Base` to `Draper::Decorator`. This is the most significant
+ change you'll need to upgrade your application. [](
+* Added an internal Rails application for integration tests. This won't affect
+ your application, but we're now running a set of Cucumber tests inside of a
+ Rails app in both development and production mode to help ensure that we
+ don't make changes that break Draper. [](
+* Add `#decorated?` method. This gives us a free RSpec matcher,
+ `is_decorated?`. [](
+* `#decorates` is no longer needed inside your models, and should be removed.
+ Decorators automatically infer the class they decorate. [](
+* Decorators do not automatically come with 'finders' by default. If you'd like
+ to use `SomeDecorator.find(1)`, for example, simply add `#has_finders` to
+ the decorator to include them. [](
+* To refer to the object being decorated, `#source` is now the preferred
+ method. [](
+* `ActiveModel::Serialization` is included in Decorators if you've requred
+ `ActiveModel::Serializers`, so that decorators can be serialized. [](
+* Properly support Test::Unit [](
+And many small bug fixes and refactorings.
+Before the actual release of 1.0.0, I want to improve documentation and handle
+a few other things, but we currently have no confirmed and one possible bug
+in Draper as it stands, so your feedback as I clean up these last few things
+would be excellent. Please file issues on the tracker if you find anything.
+Thank you! <3 <3 <3

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