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-# My talk title
-My talk description
-## My name
-My bio
-![Profile picture](
-- [My website](
-- [My twitter](!/twitter_handle)
-- [Past talk slides](
-- [Past talk video](
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+# Designing Hypermedia APIs
+Rails did a lot to bring REST to developers, but its conception leaves the REST
+devotee feeling a bit empty. "Where's the hypermedia?" she says. "REST isn't
+RPC," he may cry. "WTF??!?!" you may think. "I have it right there! resources
+:posts ! What more is there? RPC? Huh?"
+In this talk, Steve will explain how to design your APIs so that they truly
+embrace the web and HTTP. Just as there's an impedance mismatch between our
+databases, our ORMs, and our models, there's an equal mismatch between our
+applications, our APIs, and our clients. Pros and cons of this approach will be
+discussed, as well as why we aren't building things this way yet.
+## Steve Klabnik
+Steve is a teacher, aspiring digital humanities scholar and open source
+developer. He maintains the Hackety Hack project, which allows anyone to learn
+software development via Ruby. He was a Ruby Hero in 2011 and is involved with
+many Ruby-based open source projects. Steve also teaches the best Ruby and
+Rails classes on Earth with Jumpstart Lab.
+![Profile picture](
+- [My website](
+- [My twitter](!/steveklabnik)
+- [Video from "Everything you know about REST is wrong"](
+- [Slides from "Everything you know about REST is wrong"](
+- [Video from "Software Composition"](
+- [Slides from "Software Composition"](
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