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@@ -77,13 +77,20 @@ provide a way to override these eventually.
To only see breaking news:
- $ user.breaking_news
+ $ Extra::Extra.breaking_news
-This will filter out only the news in the 'breaking' category.
+This will filter out only the news in the 'breaking' category. You can pass an
+optional user:
+ $ Extra::Extra.breaking_news user
+This will only show breaking news for this specific user.
To find out what interesting things a users's friends have done:
- $ user.scope_the_scene
+ $ Extra::Extra.scope_the_scene user
+This also takes an optional user, just like *_news.
To define what who you're friends with, make a method on your user model
named my_peeps. For a (hypothetical) example:

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