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from flask import Flask, jsonify, abort, make_response
import os
import requests
import json
import re
repo_url = "{}/{}"
branch_url = "{}/{}/branches"
tree_url = "{}/{}/git/trees/{}"
blob_url = "{}/{}/git/blobs/{}"
def clean(blob, remove_numbers=True):
if remove_numbers:
return re.sub(r"\s|\*|\"|[0-9]\.|'", "", blob).lower()
return re.sub(r"\s|\*|\"|\.|'", "", blob).lower()
'name': 'MIT License',
'shorthand': 'MIT License',
'text': clean(open("licenses/mitlite.txt").read()),
'name': 'MIT License',
'shorthand': 'MIT License',
'text': clean(open("licenses/mit.txt").read()),
'name': 'ISC License',
'shorthand': 'ISC License',
'text': clean(open("licenses/isc.txt").read()),
'name': 'Apache License 2.0',
'shorthand': 'Apache-2.0',
'text': clean(open("licenses/apache-2.0.txt").read()),
'name': 'GNU General Public License Version 2',
'shorthand': 'GPL-2.0',
'text': clean(open("licenses/gpl-2.0.txt").read()),
'name': 'Modified BSD License',
'shorthand': 'Modified BSD',
'texts': clean(open("licenses/modbsd.txt").read()).split("<split>"),
'name': 'GNU Affero General Public License Version 3',
'shorthand': 'AGPL-3.0',
'text': clean(open("licenses/agpl-3.0.txt").read()),
'name': 'GNU General Public License Version 3',
'shorthand': 'GPL-3.0',
'text': clean(open("licenses/gpl-3.0.txt").read()),
'name': 'BSD-2 License',
'shorthand': 'BSD License',
'text': clean(open("licenses/bsd.txt").read()),
'name': 'Mozilla Public License',
'shorthand': 'MPL License',
'text': clean(open("licenses/mpl.txt").read()),
'name': 'Artistic License Version 2.0',
'shorthand': 'Artistic-2.0',
'text': clean(open("licenses/art-2.0.txt").read()),
'url': '',
def is_license(path):
return ("copying" in path.lower() or
"license" in path.lower() or
"readme" in path.lower())
def get_branch(repo, branches):
for branch in branches:
if branch['name'] == repo.get('master_branch', 'master'):
return branch
raise KeyError("No branch found")
def find_license_file(tree):
for blob in tree['tree']:
if is_license(blob['path']):
yield blob
def find_license_by_name(tree):
for blob in tree['tree']:
for license in LICENSES:
if license['shorthand'] in blob['path']:
return license['name']
def find_file(tree, filename):
for blob in tree['tree']:
if filename in blob['path'].lower():
return blob
def license_type(blob):
blob = clean(blob.replace("GNU Library General Public License",
"GNU Lesser General Public License"))
for license in LICENSES:
if license['text'] in blob:
return license['name']
if all(text in blob for text in license['texts']):
return license['name']
return "Unknown License"
def license_mention(blob):
blob = clean(blob, remove_numbers=False)
for license in LICENSES:
if clean(license['name'], remove_numbers=False) in blob:
return license['name']
def get(*args, **kwargs):
resp = requests.get(*args, **kwargs)
data = json.loads(resp.text)
if not resp.ok:
raise ValueError("Github API Error: {}".format(data['message']))
return data
def get_license(user, repo_name):
repo = get(repo_url.format(user, repo_name))
branches = get(repo['url'] + "/branches")
branch = get_branch(repo, branches)
tree = get(tree_url.format(user, repo_name, branch['commit']['sha']))
for license in find_license_file(tree):
resp = requests.get(license['url'],
headers={'Accept': 'application/vnd.github.v3.raw'})
ltype = license_type(resp.text)
if ltype != 'Unknown License':
return ltype
specific_name = find_license_by_name(tree)
if specific_name:
return specific_name
for filename in ["readme", "package.yml"]:
blob = find_file(tree, filename)
if not blob:
resp = requests.get(blob['url'],
headers={'Accept': 'application/vnd.github.v3.raw'})
license = license_mention(resp.text)
if license:
return license
return "No License Found"
app = Flask(__name__)
def index():
index = """
<!DOCTYPE html>
# GitLicense
REST API for discovering the license for a github repository.
## Usage
curl -i{user}/{repo}
The return value will be a JSON object of the following form.
repo: ":user",
user: ":repo",
license: "MIT License"
return make_response(index)
def index_with_url(user, repo):
license_type = get_license(user, repo)
except (KeyError, ValueError) as e:
resp = jsonify(message=unicode(e))
resp.status_code = 400
return resp
return jsonify({
'user': user,
'repo': repo,
'license': license_type,
if __name__ == '__main__':
port = int(os.environ.get('PORT', 5000))'', port=port, debug=True)