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-Hubot Speaks!
+# hubot-scripts
-Use Microsoft's Language Translation API to link to wav files of
+These are a collection of community scripts for
+[Hubot](, a chat bot for your company.
+## Installing
+Once you have Hubot installed, you can drop new scripts from this repository
+right into your generated Hubot installation. Just put them in `scripts`,
+restart your robot, and you're good to go.
- Add `hubot-speak` to your hubot installation
+All the scripts in this repository are located in
+## Writing
+Want to write your own Hubot script? The best way is to take a look at an
+[existing script](
+and see how things are set up. Hubot scripts are written in CoffeeScript, a
+higher-level implementation of JavaScript.
+You'll also want to [add tests](
+for your script; no one likes untested code. It makes Hubot sad.
+Additionally, it's extremely helpful to add [TomDoc]( to the
+top of each file. (Check out [an example](
+We'll pull out the commands from those lines and display them in the generic,
+robot-wide `hubot help` command.

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