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Robot = require "robot"
Irc = require "irc"
class IrcBot extends Robot
send: (user, strings...) ->
strings.forEach (str) =>
console.log "#{}: #{str}"
@bot.say(, str)
reply: (user, strings...) ->
strings.forEach (str) =>
@send user, "#{}: #{str}"
run: ->
self = @
options =
server: process.env.HUBOT_IRC_SERVER
port: process.env.HUBOT_IRC_PORT
rooms: process.env.HUBOT_IRC_ROOMS.split(",")
nick: process.env.HUBOT_IRC_NICK
console.log options
bot = new Irc.Client options.server, options.nick, {
debug: true,
channels: options.rooms,
port: options.port,
next_id = 1
user_id = {}
bot.addListener 'message', (from, toRoom, message) ->
console.log "From #{from} to #{toRoom}: #{message}"
if message.match new RegExp "^#{options.nick}", "i"
unless user_id[from]
user_id[from] = next_id
next_id = next_id + 1
user = new Robot.User user_id[from], {
room: toRoom,
self.receive new Robot.Message(user, message)
bot.addListener 'error', (message) ->
console.error('ERROR: %s: %s', message.command, message.args.join(' '))
bot.addListener 'pm', (nick, message) ->
console.log('Got private message from %s: %s', nick, message)
bot.addListener 'join', (channel, who) ->
console.log('%s has joined %s', who, channel)
bot.addListener 'part', (channel, who, reason) ->
console.log('%s has left %s: %s', who, channel, reason)
bot.addListener 'kick', (channel, who, _by, reason) ->
console.log('%s was kicked from %s by %s: %s', who, channel, _by, reason)
@bot = bot
exports.IrcBot = IrcBot
# vim: ts=2 sw=2 et :
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