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<!doctype html>
<html lang="en">
<meta charset="utf-8" />
<title>Designing Hypermedia APIs</title>
<meta name="description" content="Presentation on Hypermedia APIs.">
<meta name="author" content="Steve Klabnik" />
<link href="css/impress-demo.css" rel="stylesheet" />
<div id="impress" class="impress-not-supported">
<div class="fallback-message">
<p>Your browser <b>doesn't support the features required</b> by impress.js, so you are presented with a simplified version of this presentation.</p>
<p>For the best experience please use the latest <b>Chrome</b> or <b>Safari</b> browser. Firefox 10 (to be released soon) will also handle it.</p>
<div id="bored" class="step slide" data-x="-1000" data-y="-1500">
<p>By <a href="#">@steveklabnik</a></p>
<div class="step slide" data-x="0" data-y="-1500">
<p>blah blah <strong>lolol</strong></p>
<div class="step slide" data-x="1000" data-y="-1500">
<q>Would you like to <strong>impress your audience</strong> with <strong>stunning visualization</strong> of your talk?</q>
<div id="title" class="step" data-x="0" data-y="0" data-scale="4">
<span class="try">then you should try</span>
<span class="footnote"><sup>*</sup> no rhyme intended</span>
<div id="its" class="step" data-x="850" data-y="3000" data-rotate="90" data-scale="5">
<p>It's a <strong>presentation tool</strong> <br/>
inspired by the idea behind <a href=""></a> <br/>
and based on the <strong>power of CSS3 transforms and transitions</strong> in modern browsers.</p>
<div id="big" class="step" data-x="3500" data-y="2100" data-rotate="180" data-scale="6">
<p>visualize your <b>big</b> <span class="thoughts">thoughts</span></p>
<div id="tiny" class="step" data-x="2825" data-y="2325" data-z="-3000" data-rotate="300" data-scale="1">
<p>and <b>tiny</b> ideas</p>
<div id="ing" class="step" data-x="3500" data-y="-850" data-rotate="270" data-scale="6">
<p>by <b class="positioning">positioning</b>, <b class="rotating">rotating</b> and <b class="scaling">scaling</b> them on an infinite canvas</p>
<div id="imagination" class="step" data-x="6700" data-y="-300" data-scale="6">
<p>the only <b>limit</b> is your <b class="imagination">imagination</b></p>
<div id="source" class="step" data-x="6300" data-y="2000" data-rotate="20" data-scale="4">
<p>want to know more?</p>
<q><a href="">use the source</a>, Luke!</q>
<div id="one-more-thing" class="step" data-x="6000" data-y="4000" data-scale="2">
<p>one more thing...</p>
<div id="its-in-3d" class="step" data-x="6200" data-y="4300" data-z="-100" data-rotate-x="-40" data-rotate-y="10" data-scale="2">
<p><span class="have">have</span> <span class="you">you</span> <span class="noticed">noticed</span> <span class="its">it's</span> <span class="in">in</span> <b>3D<sup>*</sup></b>?</p>
<span class="footnote">* beat that, prezi ;)</span>
<div id="overview" class="step" data-x="3000" data-y="1500" data-scale="10">
<div class="hint">
<p>Use a spacebar or arrow keys to navigate</p>
<script src="js/impress.js"></script>