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It's All Text! Editor Daemon
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It's All Text! Editor Daemon

This is a server that will open text data in the editor of your choice.

It is based on HTTP, so that it can be used in an ajax style by plugins (or conceivably web pages).

Bugs and Issues

See the github Issue tracker

Project Tracking

See the Pivotal Tracker for It's All Text!.



Verify that the server is running.

GET /ping

Returns the string pong.

Send a file to the editor

POST /edit requires auth-token.


extension : Extension for the file. text : The text. url : The URL for the text. id : The textarea id or identifier.

Returns a token or fail.

Retrieve the result of an edit

GET /edit/<token> requires auth-token.

Returns: document : If the document has changed. nochange : If the document hasn't changed. fail : If the token isn't valid or some other error has happened.

Open preferences

GET /preferences requires auth-token.

Returns ok or fail.

Authenticate/Token Exchange

GET /hello

Returns ok.

IATed pops up a dialog box saying that someone is trying to access IATed and has a 6 digit number to enter into the web browser to allow access. Similar to bluetooth connections.

GET /hello with auth=NNNNNN

If this is passed in, then the popup goes away and an auth-token is returned.

Example sessions.

The letter b: is the browser's requests. s: is the server's response. Side-effects are in square braces ([]).

Initial authentication

b: GET /hello
s: ok [a popup with a six digit number is shown]
b: GET /hello?auth=<NNNNNN>

Editing session

b: POST /edit text=<textarea data> url=<someurl> id=<textarea-id>
s: <token>
b: GET /edit/<token>
s: nochange
b: GET /edit/<token>
s: <next textarea data>

Java Notes


Using the Jersey implementation of JAX-RS. The API is in the* package.

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