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Maze Solver

Primarily, this repository is a hypermedia client for applications that serve maze+xml.

Secondarily, this repository demonstrates refactoring from a simple procedural Ruby program to an OO one.

Well, as much as 'refactoring' is without any tests, anyway.


First of all, I ran this with Ruby 1.9.3. 1.9.2 should work just fine, too.

Secondly, you need some nokogiri to get going, so gem install that right-off.

Finally, just ruby solver.rb to solve the maze.

The procedural version

I started with a simple task: "request some XML with Net::HTTP" and slowly built up some code. I pulled out some methods, and before you know it, I had a little procedural maze solver.

You might be intereseted in following from the beginning. If so, check it here

You can read along with the commits to see how I built it by going here.

You can see this version here.

The Refactoring

Commit early, commit often, that's what I always say! I tried to keep the commits really tiny so you could see my process with each one. The easiest way to follow along is probably on GitHub, you can see the list of commits by going here. Check each one in order, as they build upon each other.

The OO version

After the Great Refactoring, what's left is a shiny new version with lots of objects. It happens to all of us eventually... anyway, you can check it out here.

The Alternate TDD universe

... coming soon...