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Beefing up README.

Okay, now that we're done, let's make sure we have some good documentation.
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-Some experiments with [maze+xml](
+# Maze Solver
-You're gonna need to `gem install nokogiri` to get this going.
+Primarily, this repository is a hypermedia client for applications that
+serve [maze+xml](
-Just `ruby solver.rb` to solve the maze.
+Secondarily, this repository demonstrates refactoring from a simple procedural
+Ruby program to an OO one.
+Well, as [much as 'refactoring' is without any tests](,
+## Running
+First of all, I ran this with Ruby 1.9.3. 1.9.2 should work just fine, too.
+Secondly, you need some [nokogiri]( to get going, so
+`gem install` that right-off.
+Finally, just `ruby solver.rb` to solve the maze.
+## The procedural version
+I started with a simple task: "request some XML with Net::HTTP" and slowly built
+up some code. I pulled out some methods, and before you know it, I had a little
+procedural maze solver.
+You might be intereseted in following from the beginning. If so, check it [here](
+You can read along with the commits to see how I built it by going [here](
+You can see this version [here](
+## The Refactoring
+Commit early, commit often, that's what I always say! I tried to keep the
+commits really tiny so you could see my process with each one. The easiest
+way to follow along is probably on GitHub, you can see the list of commits
+by going [here](
+Check each one in order, as they build upon each other.
+## The OO version
+After the Great Refactoring, what's left is a shiny new version with lots of
+objects. It happens to all of us eventually... anyway, you can check it
+out [here](
+## The Alternate TDD universe
+... coming soon...
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