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  • Add config.api_only, set it to false in case you want to use Rails default middleware stack. (@spastorino)
  • Return proper format on exceptions. (@spastorino)
  • Generate a specific wrap_parameters initializer, with commented out logic, since it's not enabled by default as the Rails template says.
  • Remove wrap_parameters compatibility method, to allow enabling it if required.
  • Require Rails >= 3.2.6.


  • Use correct SSL middleware for Rails 3.2.x compatibility. (@philm)
  • Add helper to compatibility methods for Rails 3.2.x. (@wintery)
  • Add helper_method to compatibility methods for Rails 3.2.x. (@educobuci)
  • Do not generate tmp and vendor directories. (@dpowell)
  • Remove jquery-rails from generated Gemfile. (@dpowell)


  • First release.