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* @file prelude.hpp
* Notably here, Symbols, Fixnums and true/false/nil are actually
* stored directly in the pointer value (and distinguished by the
* tag, see oop.hpp) but provided we do not attempt to dereference
* it, we can ALSO define a class and treat the pointer values as
* if they were real pointers to real objects of that class where
* typing is concerned. In the "instance methods", the this pointer
* is still the correct pointer value and can thus be used for the
* calculations needed.
* @see oop.hpp
#include <stdint.h>
#include "util/optimize.hpp"
namespace rubinius {
class VM;
/** Platform-dependent integer type large enough for pointers too. */
typedef intptr_t native_int;
typedef uintptr_t native_uint;
typedef native_int hashval;
#define STATE rubinius::VM* state
#define THREAD rubinius::ManagedThread* state
#define G(whatever) state->globals().whatever.get()
#define GO(whatever) state->globals().whatever
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