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require File.expand_path('../../../spec_helper', __FILE__)
require File.expand_path('../fixtures/classes', __FILE__)
describe "Comparable#between?" do
it "returns true if self is greater than or equal to the first and less than or equal to the second argument" do
a =
b =
c =
d =
a.between?(a, a).should == true
a.between?(a, b).should == true
a.between?(a, c).should == true
a.between?(a, d).should == true
c.between?(c, d).should == true
d.between?(d, d).should == true
c.between?(a, d).should == true
a.between?(b, b).should == false
a.between?(b, c).should == false
a.between?(b, d).should == false
c.between?(a, a).should == false
c.between?(a, b).should == false
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