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* File ticket: $ ruby86 -e 'p ARGF.skip'
-e:1:in `skip': undefined method `close' for false:FalseClass (NoMethodError)
from -e:1 (Reported as bug #1653; update spec based on outcome).
-* The failing ARGF#lineno tests are due to a race-ish condition whereby if the
- test is executed in the same run as other ARGF tests the #lineno value isn't
- reset. This can be fixed by explicitly reseting #lineno in the test, but
- that could mask another bug... Figure out who's to blame here.
* Use the variable matchers which take into consideration the difference of the
returned type of variable name. Which is String on 1.8 and Symbol on 1.9.
Examples include: have_constant, have_instance_variable, etc.
@@ -37,27 +33,18 @@
# 1.9
-* Methods expecting filenames or paths should call #to_path on non-String
- arguments. Tests need adding, and tickets may need filing for non-conforming
- methods.
* Methods that could modify a frozen receiver should raise RuntimeError, even
if the method's arguments are such that no modification would occur.
* The inclusion of 'rational' by default has resulted in ZeroDivisionErrors
being raised where they previously weren't. What is the rule of thumb in
determining whether this outcome is intentional?
-* Discover why core/kernel/caller_spec.rb has failures on 1.9. What's the
- cause of this behaviour?
* Unify treatment of bugs after conversation with brixen. Bugs that occur only
in 1.9 shouldn't be guarded; we just tag them with the bug number, e.g. " mspec
tag --add 'fails(#555)' -e 'the failing stuff' path/to/spec".
-* Ask Ruby core about what Array#pack should do to encoding; citing failing
- tests as example questions.
* Spec Ripper.
* 1.9 defines methods such as instance_eval on BasicObject; not Kernel as in
1.8. Do we need to share these specs so that the methods are specified in
the correct place?
-* #public_send and #send could share some common functionality, but shared
- specs use #send internally. Ask brixen what to do.
* Determine how we're going to specify the vast Gem module...
* Specify require_relative
* Share Enumerable#join with Hash#join once Enumerable#join is more stable.

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