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Short presentations about Rust syntax + concepts
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Rust in Ten Slides

This is an experiment to produce short, useful documentation for the Rust programming language.

Here's the idea: take a concept in Rust, and make ten slides about it. Ten slides is short enough to be easy to make and easy to consume, but long enough to get some kind of point across.

If this is successful, I'd like to upstream it into the main Rust docs.

This project is inspired by A very brief intro to Rust. After seeing students write code after only looking at these slides, I think expanding on this idea might bear some interesting fruit!

How it works

  1. Copy template.html into a new file, name it after the topic of your presentation; for example, strings.html.
  2. Slides are written in Markdown inside the file using Remark, check that link for examples of the syntax.
  3. Open the file in your web browser to see the presentation in action!
  4. Modify index.html to include your new presentation.
  5. Send me a pull request!


Everything is licensed under MIT/Apache2, just like Rust.

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