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Jan-Erik Rediger (4):
      removed debug print
      print error messages to $stderr
      removed trailing whitespace
      copy all js/css/image files to static dir

Scott Chacon (2):
      move showoff version to a variable so showoff can report its own version
      added showoff github command


Anders Janmyr (3):
      Added styling documentation
      Changed ` to +
      Cleaned up doc errors

Dave Copeland (4):
      consolidated the heroku_secure into heroku cmd
      option to force overwrite of heroku files
      regen the CLI documentation
      uses bundler by default

Scott Bale (4):
      Initial hack to get PDFKit to work
      PDF with PDFKit: clean up previous hack, properly load all sh_lang files from directory
      PDF with PDFKit: update README
      PDF with PDFKit: use 'static=true' when generating PDF so that the <img src=... paths work correctly

Scott Chacon (3):
      getting all the assets actually needed and slides to relative
      provide a hook for slides loaded
      fix instructions of how to run example preso


made the resource paths relative


Cory Flanigan (2):
      Update link for keycode definitions
      Add down arrow to advance and up arrow for previous slide, for 'out of the box'     compatibility with Targus Bluetooth Presenter for Mac.

Marcus Lunzenauer (5):
      trigger custom events on showing, and jumping to next or prev slide
      add description of custom events
      add example for custom events
      remove second #prevStep
      optionally set a slide's id-attribute

Scott Chacon (7):
      preshow initial code
      preshow timer working more properly
      grabbing descriptions, now
      pressing p again will stop the preshow
      updated readme with preshow information
      black, not dark dark green...
      stupid scott. messed up the results text color

rosskaff (1):
      Updgrade to jquery-1.4.2

Lance Albertson (1):
      Add links to my osbridge ganeti presentation

Rick Bradley (1):
      Adding RailsConf 2010 talk to README

Scott Bale (1):
      added my talk to README


updated gemspec for 0.2.0
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