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# Code is public domain--Steven J. Koch
# this R code requires a special csv file listing primes, loneliness, and swiss prime flag.
# I create this file with python code, ""
# read in the prime numbers. first column is prime number, second column is loneliness, third column is a flag for whether it is a swiss
# prime. 1 = true, 0 = false, and -1 means there was only one neighbor.
lonely <- read.table("ls30000000.csv", sep=",", header=FALSE)
names(lonely) <- c("prime", "lness", "swiss")
# find subset of "Swiss primes." I.e. those primes that are equidistant between the two neighboring prime numbers
swiss <- subset(lonely, swiss == 1)
#save the graph to a PNG file
#png("30M swiss prime loneliness.png")
# create the plot
plot(lonely$prime, lonely$lness, log="x", pch=1, cex=0.5, main="Prime loneliness", xlab="number", ylab="loneliness",
ylim = c(0, max(lonely$fit, lonely$lness)))
points(swiss$prime, swiss$lness, pch=21, cex=1.1, col="magenta")
legend("topleft", c("Loneliness, all primes", "Loneliness, Swiss primes"), pch = c(1, 21),
col = c("black", "magenta"), inset = 0.1)
# this next command is necessary to make the graph save, I don't know why. It makes the graph disappear from the screen though
# I also have trouble viewing the file with external editor unless I close out of R. Obviously doing something wrong.