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class SieveOfEratosthenes:
def __init__(self, sieveSize):
self.sieveSize = sieveSize
def initialiseSieve(self):
self.couldBePrime = [True]*(self.sieveSize+1);
self.couldBePrime[0] = False
self.couldBePrime[1] = False
self.nextNumberToCheck = 0
def generatePrimes(self):
pastTheSquareRootOfSize = False
while self.nextNumberToCheck <= self.sieveSize:
if self.couldBePrime[self.nextNumberToCheck]:
prime = self.nextNumberToCheck
if not pastTheSquareRootOfSize:
if prime*prime > self.sieveSize:
pastTheSquareRootOfSize = True
if not pastTheSquareRootOfSize:
yield prime
self.nextNumberToCheck += 1
def markMultiplesNotPrime(self, prime):
multipleOfPrime = prime*prime
while (multipleOfPrime <= self.sieveSize):
self.couldBePrime[multipleOfPrime] = False
multipleOfPrime += prime
def main():
SIZE = 3000000
sieve = SieveOfEratosthenes(SIZE)
print ("Prime numbers up to %s:" % SIZE)
outfile = open ('p%s.txt' %SIZE, 'w')
for prime in sieve.generatePrimes():
outfile.write("%d\n" % prime)
if __name__ == "__main__":
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