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# SJK: This is my first time trying to understand a class
# (This class was written by someone else on github)
# I found the following tutorial useful:
class SieveOfEratosthenes:
def __init__(self, sieveSize):
self.sieveSize = sieveSize
def initialiseSieve(self):
self.couldBePrime = [True]*(self.sieveSize+1); # this initializes self.coudBePrime to be an array of True values, length = self.sieveSize + 1
self.couldBePrime[0] = False
self.couldBePrime[1] = False
self.nextNumberToCheck = 0
# because this next function has a "yield," it is a generating function
def generatePrimes(self):
self.initialiseSieve() #this calls the initialize function above, I guess since it's a generating function, this will only get called once. But I find it confusing that the generating function intitializes, I'd rather it were initialized outside the method, but being a newbie, I don't know what is better or whether both would work.
pastTheSquareRootOfSize = False
while self.nextNumberToCheck <= self.sieveSize: # .nextNumberToCheck starts at 0, ends at .sieveSize
if self.couldBePrime[self.nextNumberToCheck]: #check whether this number has already been marked as not prime by prior iteration. There is no else for this if statement. So, if it's already not prime, nothing happens and the nextNumberToCheck is incremented.
prime = self.nextNumberToCheck
if not pastTheSquareRootOfSize:
if prime*prime > self.sieveSize:
pastTheSquareRootOfSize = True
if not pastTheSquareRootOfSize:
yield prime #the generator exits at this point, returning variable prime. When it resumes, it resumes at the next line, with all local vaiables intact. See
self.nextNumberToCheck += 1 #increment .nextNumberToCheck
def markMultiplesNotPrime(self, prime):
multipleOfPrime = prime*prime # it is sufficient to start at prime * prime, since prior multiples will have already been marked
while (multipleOfPrime <= self.sieveSize):
self.couldBePrime[multipleOfPrime] = False
multipleOfPrime += prime #after starting at prime * prime, mark each number that is an increment of prime higher, up until sieve size
def main():
SIZE = 100
sieve = SieveOfEratosthenes(SIZE)
print ("Prime numbers up to %s:" % SIZE)
outfile = open ('p%s.txt' %SIZE, 'w')
for prime in sieve.generatePrimes(): # generatePrimes() is an iterable generating function in class SieveOfEratosthenes
outfile.write("%d\n" % prime)
if __name__ == "__main__":