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# this small python program makes a textfile that prints out
# [random fake prime] numbers in rows of increasing size. the size of
# each row increases with size being the next [random fake prime] number
# i created this program to see if I see patterns when printing
# [random fake prime] numbers this way
SIZE = 510510
# First, read in the primes
# This is not efficienct and slows down when I try SIZE = 9699690 (19#)
# I need to combine and this file so make a generating function
# that does everything
p = []
f = open("pr%d.txt" %SIZE) #this file is generated by
for line in f:
#Next, print out primes rows
cc = 0 # column count
lc = 0 # line count
outfile = open('prt%d.txt' %SIZE, 'w')
for i in range(2,SIZE):
#print "i is %d" %i
if i in p:
outfile.write("%d,%d,%d\n" %(i, cc, lc))
cc += 1
if cc == p[lc]:
lc += 1
cc = 0