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Tuesday new, old sim compare
Yeast Genome
Read and compare 2002 and 2012 simulation
Read and plot 2002 simulated data
Test 2012 pBR var.dat
Test 2012 pBR var_try2.dat
Test 2012 pBR.dat
Test 2012 pBR_try1.dat
automated unzipping simulator through yeast genome with ant seq shutting off
automated unzipping simulator through yeast
pBR322 unzip 2002 calculated.dat
pBR322 unzip 2002 sequence.txt


These files are related to Antony Salvagno and Steve Koch's work on revising our 
Shotgun DNA Mapping paper / software, March 2012.  Original software coded mostly by Larry Herskowitz.
See public notebook entries, beginning on March 10, 2012 on

All work is open source, but most of it requires LabVIEW license to compile