This is a set of files for exercise 46 of "Learn Python the Hard Way" that seems to work.


public domain code

This is code I wrote for "extra credit" in exercise 46 of "Learn Python the Hard Way"
by Zed Shaw

The purpose is to see if I can create a very simple package that has a script installed too.
As of 2012 July 29, it seems to work, but I'm not confident that I know what I'm doing.
This is what I do to make it work:

1. From root directory (test2/) do the following (after having installed pip, distribute, virtualenv, nose)

python sdist

2. This creates a dist/ directory with test2... tarball and test2.egg... directory with a bunch of files I don't understand.

3. Copy the tarball to ~/Documents/testing/

4. From ~/Documents/testing/ directory, run

sudo pip install test2... (the tarball file)

5. From same directory (probably any directory) run

This produced the following output:

this is a test
test over

Some (of many) things I don't understand:

A. In "", I had to include the full filename of the testscript.  Whereas from
it seemed like I shouldn't have to add the ".py" extension to the script name.
But if I didn't include ".py" extension (as 'scripts': ['bin/'], then I got the following error:

not a regular file -- skipping