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## Monday, June 17th, 2019

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### Reflection of Week of June 10, 2019

Last week I published [the rntz episode](/episodes/040) with 7/6 hours of work, built and shared on #meta [a prototype for searching past the last 10k Slack messages]( for 4.5/2 hours (but it was ok because it was really fun and people seemed to be thankful for it), did my 1/1 hour of French left, spent an extra 1 hour on curriculum for TCS, and casually (while walking) edited the audio for the podcast's with Lane from Coda and Jenn Jacobs and sent off for transcription. Ivan Reese did me a huge favor by cleaning up the audio from the Amjad interview so I'll hopefully edit that soon.

I also spent ~4 hours watching/reading Bartosz Milewski's _Category Theory for Programmers_. It's been really fun following along the #category-theory group in the Slack. Just took 20 min to blast the internet about the group...

Last week felt really productive, partly because I'm still jetlagged in a positive way so I'm waking up before 6am most nights. I'll try to keep it up by going to bed early this week.

I also am really liking the idea of pausing my own research for the next couple months while traveling, working on the public release of Dark notes, and improving the podcast, community, etc. I feel much less overwhelmed with this framing.

### Week of June 17th, 2019

For this week:

1. Dark (15) - I want to spend a legitimate amount of time on the releasing of my notes publicly. I think this could be a really great use of time.
2. French (2.5 hours)
3. Run in Central Park (4)
4. TCS Curriculum / Woof (3)
5. Category theory (2)
6. Move off C9 (2)
7. Inbox / workflowy (5.5)

Total: 34. Any extra time can be spent on finding a new home for the Slack, the Slack searching, category theory, #priority1 #FoC #resesarch in Workflowy, or thinking through Alan Kay's recommendations on how to balance learning, making money, and creating something of value.
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