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Hello! My name is Steve Krouse. This is the repo for
# [](
If you find any typos or have any suggestions, feel free to edit anything and send me a pull request.
You can also take a look at [the issues]( to see the other things in my todo list. I'd appreciate your feedback on any of those items. Or if you have anything to add there, feel free to create a new issue and I'll comment on it to let you know if I'm going to get it done.
Feel free to shoot me an email as well. I'm steve at
## Stuff to know
### Remove large media files locally
First run:
git config core.sparsecheckout true
Then put the following into `.git/info/sparse-checkout`:
And then run
git read-tree -mu HEAD
### Add _data/git-log.json changes
This is how I generage [](
First, `pip install git2json` as explained [here](
Then create `.git/hooks/post-commit` with the following contents:
git2json > _data/git-log.json
previousMessage=$(git log -1 --pretty=%B)
if [ "$previousMessage" != "updated git log" ]
git add _data/git-log.json
git commit -m "updated git log"
exit 1
### Quick access to journal
Add the following to `~/.bashrc`:
function empty_message {
sleep 0.1
echo -e "## Title\n\n* TOC\n{: toc }\n\n" > .git/COMMIT_EDITMSG
function journal {
empty_message &
git commit --allow-empty --cleanup=verbatim
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