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## Weds, July 3, 2019

Apologies for those following this log hoping to get interesting insights about the future of programming. The last few entries, and this one, are very much about how I'm spending my time. For the next month or two, I will be mostly working on The Whole Code Catalog with Dark, and various other review of other tools, languages, and research. In other words, my own research is on pause and I will take this time to learn more about what others' have done. I also plan to continue diving into Category Theory during this time.

### Reflection of Week of June 17th, 2019

How I actually spent the time [I planned here](

* French 2.5
* Run 1.5
* Log 1.5
* TCS 0.5
* Podcast 0.5
* Inbox 3
* Dark 12.5
* Investing 0.5
* Misc Freelance 6
* Category Theory 6.5

Total 35 hours. Pretty solid, because this doesn't include lunches or a nap on Tuesday. Moving c9 to aws took much less time than expected (45 min), so I included it in Inbox time. I spent about the right amount of time on Dark work, did less running than expected, and filled my extra time with Category Theory and two small random freelance jobs that popped up.

### Reflection of Week of June 24, 2019

Last week I got a very minimal amount of work done. Monday was eating shellfish in Maine and then traveling to NY. On Tuesday I organized things, and did a lot of work for Dark. Wednesday and Thursday I spent mostly day preparing to propose to my girlfriend (she said yes!), and Friday was recovering from that and celebrating with family. I spent no time on French last week, so I am now 3 hours in debt.

### Week of July 1, 2019

Monday was a vacation day. This week I'm with family but still hoping to get ~3 hours of work in per day. Yesterday I spent two hours organizing my inbox, workflowy, writing this, and then spoke with Alan from the Slack #1-on-1s channel for an hour. The plan for this week:

* French 4.5
* TCS 4

### Tentative plan for Week of July 8, 2019

* French 2.5
* Dark 15-20
* #priority1 research in Workflowy 5-10
* transcripts for lane and jenn jacobs 2-5
* investing 1
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