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## Plan for 01/12/18

### _Media for Thinking the Unthinkable_

I spent the morning watching _Media for Thinking the Unthinkable_, again without taking notes, but still making an effort to read sources, which in this case included [The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics]( and [An Ill-Advised Personal Note about "Media for Thinking the Unthinkable"](, the ladder of which had a few wonderful gems, including:

> Any concept, technique, or tool that is specific to software engineering is guaranteed to have a short shelf life, at least on any time scale that I personally care about. (Which is totally fine if you're into that, but this is my ill-advised personal note, not yours, and I personally care about mattering 100 years from now.)

Wow, that's fascinating. Makes me wonder about where this desire to attain a lasting legacy comes from.

### Rest of today

I'm going to take an the next hour for lunch and mayge get a haircut, so that puts me at 2pm, and then I have to leave for dinner at 7pm, so I have 5 hours for work. Given that this is my last real work day before visitng Dynamicland, I'd like to get through the following things:

* finish the last ten pages of _Visual Display_
* finish reading _No Silver Bullet_
* finish my [BV deep dive](/notes/bret-victor), which includes:
  * The Future of Programming
  * Humane Representation of Thought
  * What a technologist can do about climate change

Will probably have to go much faster than usual to make it through. No problem.
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