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title: 42 - TODO - Lane Shackleton
title: 42 - Blurring the Line Between User and Programming - Lane Shackleton

# #42 - TODO: Lane Shackleton
# #42 - Blurring the Line Between User and Programming: Lane Shackleton


"The world's been divided into people who can make software, and the people who use software all day, and basically we think that that paradigm is not a good one. It feels kind of broken," says Lane Shackleton, Head of Product at Coda, where they are building a new kind of document that blurs the line between users and programmers.

A Coda document starts out looking like a familiar online document, a lot like Google Docs. There's a blinking cursor, you can bold and italicize text, add images, and collaboratively edit it alongside others. But a Coda table is much more powerful than a traditional table that you'd find in a typical word processor. Like a spreadsheet, the a Coda table allows you to create complex relationship between pieces of data via a formula language. Upon closer examination, the Coda table is more structured than spreadsheets and more closely resembles a friendly relational database, like Airtable.

<!--Alan Kay quote of simple simple and hard possible-->
<!--youtube ran on spreadsheets. X (5?) years in private beta and now public-->
<!--changing the way people see themselves, and the way communities, families, etc function-->
<!--domain experts should get to model their world-->
<!--vision is apps used externally one day-->
<!--start with a simple doc and evolve your knowledge with it-->
If you're familiar with Notion, another augmented document medium, this all may sound familiar. Coda differentiates itself in a few ways. For one, it allows users to build complex (but no-code) trigger-based workflows from within the tool, such as when a table is modified or a button is pressed. For another, Coda really sells itself as an app-builder, in that teams can use Coda documents on their phones as native mobile apps. For example, a bike shop can have its employees easily swipe and snap a photo of inventory directly into a Coda table simply by creating a photo column in that table. Coda takes care of converting that column into an interface that automatically pulls up the camera on mobile.

<!--previewing intermediate values in formula creation, inspired by BV-->
<!--infix with dot operator-->
<!--start concrete and abstract: buttons that push buttons-->
Coda was inspired by the founders' experience at YouTube, where the company "ran on spreadsheets," but now they dream of building a medium that fundamentally changes how people see themselves, as creators instead of merely as consumers, and reshapes the way teams, communities, and even families collaborate and function. It's a big, compelling vision, and Coda has a long way to go.

<!--blurring the distinction between users and programmers-->
<iframe src="" width="100%" height="180" frameborder="0" title="Blurring the Line Between User and Programming: Lane Shackleton"></iframe>

<!--academia vs startups of quicker but then risk you don't get the foundations right... more like academics than other startups-->

## Full Transcript
## Transcript

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@@ -43,6 +43,8 @@ If you're new to "reimagining computing", a good starting place is [Week 3 &amp;

# Episodes

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