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## Started Reflection 10 yesterday

At first I tried to write the reflection entirely in a commit message. There were a few problems with that:

1) I was scared of losing the data because it's not really saved or commited anywhere.

2) I wasn't able to commit my work halfway done. Or if I did then I'd have to copy-and-paste it again into the next commit which would be annoying for readers.

Thus I came up with the brilliant idea of creating a file in a new folder for it: [/reflections/](/reflections/

Even though I finished my 10-day course of 3x antibiotics every day, I am still not feeling 100% better. I've been very tired, so I've been sleeping a lot, which makes me feel better, but also doesn't leave much time for work, particularly because I'm with family and want to spend time with them as well. Hopefully I feel better soon so I can finish this reflection, finish my Work Plan (if the time is right, which it feels like), and finish my BV deep dive before visiting Dynamicland sometime in Janurary (still don't have dates yet).
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title: Reflection 10
# Reflection 10
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## Helpful links
* read
* read other entries from
## Custom log page
This has come along really nicely! I'm honestly a little surprised how much fun I had building this page. What's funny is that I had the idea for making this page in my last research reflection time and came up with the basic structure for doing it locally, statically instead of dyanmically from github via AJAX on each page load.
![screenshot 2017-12-21 at 12 51 07 pm](
I learned a bunch about Jeykll, github pages's static site generator, in order to build this. It was fun. Also hilarious how long it's taken me -- years! -- to get to know how Jeykll works given that I use it for all of my projects.
For example, in order to iterate on this without having to push to github each time, I needed to learn how to compile a jekyll site locally with `jeykll serve` but then also not include that in the project via `.gitignore`.
## Clearing up space on c9
Clearly the Cloud9 space detectors weren't working properly before because I didn't get any warnings about space on my 2GB machine, but I had 20GB of data on it! I first moved up to the 10GB machine but still needed to delete 10GB. I deleted a lot of projects I don't use anymore first. Then I figured out how to use `git sparse` to clean up this repo a bit. I tried using git large file system but 1) it solves a different problem and 2) it doesn't work with Github Pages. This was a bit annoying, and took an hour or two.
## Bret Deep Dive
## Research recap episodes --> housekeeping
## Purpose
In interview with Jason Brennan, he said Alan Kay's purpose is "everyone a scientist." Made me think of this recent BV tweet:
<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Goal: 9 billion scientists by 2050. <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Bret Victor (@worrydream) <a href="">November 16, 2017</a></blockquote>
<script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>
I surmised the definition of "scientist" relevant here is someone comitted to getting around our human biases to reduce our uncertainty. However, I haven't been able to find a quote that says something quite to that effect. I did find this on the Viewpoints website:
> HARC's mission [is] to ensure that human wisdom exceeds human power, by inventing and freely sharing ideas and technology that allow all humans to see further and understand more deeply
That's pretty clear. I'm realizing that this purpose and Elon's to get us to Mars are very similar in tone: averting existential risks aflicted on humanity by humanity. I'm less worried about these risks, even more so after reading *Better Angels of Our Nature* which talks about how humans continue to get less violent over time.
The mission of us "getting around our biases" sounds similar to [Steph Jang's mission](
> I’m working on helping people reprogram themselves to achieve their goals.
> My personal mission is to equip myself and others with the tools, know-how, and support to become more compassionate and competent human beings.
> Why? To turbocharge humanity’s ability to solve our biggest problems (e.g., inequality, disease — including mental illness, terrorism, climate change) and establish a more peaceful, equitable, self-actualized society.
Again very large and problem-solve-y.
### Making wrong vs possibility
It makes me think about the distinction from Landmark, of "making wrong" vs "possibility." A lot of these missions, to my ears, come from a "making wrong" place. A place of sadness, regret, and inadequacy. A place of recognizing "problems." And then wanting to "fix" them.
It may be more fun and productive to accept the world as it is, and as it is not. Then meditate on the most important things. Then think about ways to reimagine the most important things. Then think about the pros vs cons of each of the new ideas, and then if one of them has many more pros then cons, work on making it into a reality.
Let's come up with a metaphor for this. The metaphor for "making wrong" is easy: it's a teacher assigning problems, having you solve them, and then marking you right or wrong on them. The metaphor for "possibility" is a little more amorphous. I imagine a brainstorming session or a make-believe game kids make up or a "what do I want to be when I grow up" conversation.
I haven't reviewed it recently but I get the sense that SmallTalk and the Dynabook were created out of possibility. Yet Alan's *New Computing Technologies* project starts with "making wrong":
> Code is too: large, complex, costly, buggy, insecure, segregated, and inexpressive
Of course, this discussion is quite related to John Dewey's notion of a positive philosphy for progressive education, based on experience, as opposed to a reactionary one based on what we don't like in standard ed.
## Thinking about income
## Priorities 12/25/17-01/08/18
Yes missed a week for reflection, vacation and sleep time.
### Visit Dynamicland
### BV Deep Dive
### Other FoC research
### Write Plan (including deep thinking)
### Organize this project. Other things:
deep thinking,
reading HN,
Reading twitter,
github issues
## Calendar Sculpting 12/25/17-01/08/18
I was a little stressed after the last calendar sculpting session because I put a ton of BV Deep Dive time on the calendar and didn't leave space for much else. TODO
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