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## Update for this week

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### Plans to visit Dynamicland!!

I'm very excited to be visiting Dynamicland in two weeks! I'll be there Jan 15-19 2018. I've heard, read, and seen so many amazing things from there, and I'm pumped to see it all firsthand and play with it all. Hopefully I'll have some fun videos, writings, and/or podcasts for y'all from there soon!

### Where have I been this week?

I have not committed to this project/log/journal at all this week, which is directly contradicting my policy of contributing every day, except when otherwise specified. Part of the problem may be that it's unclear *where* I specify which days I have *on* vs *off*. Food for thought.

Anyways, I've really taken this past week for vacation. I took my girlfriend to waterski on Monday, spent the day with my grandparents on Tuesday (six hours of grandparent technology help was fun!), and spend what was supposed to be my last day in FL with my mom and brother on Wednesday.

We were supposed to leave Thursday morning, but our flight was cancelled because of the snow. I spent the day packing and then unpacking my things and on the computer and then phone with Spirit airlines. Very fustrating.

However today I have been working! I spent the morning on email, then had a fun chat with Paul Chiusano about education, and now am here. I plan to spend the next 90ish min here, then workout, then have dinner.

Given how unproductive we've been this past week, my girlfriend and I are considering spending this weekend (tomorrow and the next day) working too, so stay tuned on that front. No promies.

### Reflecting on reflection 10

I am overwhelmed by the size and scope of reflection 10. It's both too much to think about and also not fun to think about.

And it's just plain embaressing, really indefensible to not get any work done because you're blocked on a reflection time. Apparently there was wisdom in the setup that I had before: Monday's are reflection days. You can only spend as much time as you have on a Monday. This is good because it forces me to not include all sorts of tangents.

So my current idea is to spend the next 90 minutes finishing reflection 10, of which the goal is to come up with a plan for the next two weeks before leaving to visit Dynamicland.

#### Cleaning up reflection 10

Make the BV deep dive section short. No re-reading of notes.

Remove the Alan Kay / possiblitiy and income sections.

Keep misc updates.

Think about priorities.

Let's do it!
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