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@@ -6,14 +6,17 @@ title: Link Research
## To Research
* making sure everything can be visual (pool, math.random)
* making sure everything can be visual (pool, math.random)
* [TiddlyWikin](
* [Alan Kay HN AMA](
* [Hazelnut](
@@ -123,17 +126,34 @@ title: Link Research
* Hacker's Delight: Despite the cringingly misleading title, this is the best book ever written. I'm in rapture. TODO add this to the top of the list as well.
* I'm really enjoying reading his blog from when he, like me now, was 23. Sounds like he was trying to find his way, post-hell-grad-school, and post-break-up with Joanne (which is heartbreaking).
* TODO continue reading his blawg after 5/11/01.
* [Mesh Preview](
* his main thesis is excel doesn't treat rows as arrays, but you can fix that by dropping location-based referencing (which I also agree with... I think that refering to a cell as A4 is Exel's version of C pointers.)
* [Mesh Announcement Notes](
* [Racket 2D Syntax]( is neat (and very very similar to [stream-tree](
* HOLY CRAP the [Java Stream Debugger]( he links to is super relevant for me. Stream visualization!
* really neat, powerful, and simple (with just 150 LOC) architecture. I'll have to build something in it eventually to get a better sense for it, and how it'd fit into StreamSheets. It might be impossible...
* [Andre Staltz: The Past, Present, and Future of Cycle.js. Part I – CycleConf 2017](
* fun to see the whole history of how he came to CycleJS through intuition
* crazy to see how collaborative this project is! Makes me glad I'm now a supporter.
* Great talk, very informative. I wouldn't have needed to chat with Andre as much if I had just found this video (which I almost did, because I did find the slides for this talk)
* [Andre Staltz: The Past, Present, and Future of Cycle.js. Part II – CycleConf 2017](
* wow, this talk is great, and is basically like his "thesis" on what programming is and how to improve it
* [vimeo playback speed increase chrome extension is KILLER](
* He's really into Luna
* He is into the [Koka langauge](, particularly how they use familiar dot-notation to represent functional calls
* "Languages are for life" --> 10 year project. Huge commitment. Getting married. I want to do this so bad!
* it's like stream-tree but with a GUI. drag and drop editor for dataflow diagrams

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