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title: Jaime Brandon Call 12/12/17
# Jaime Brandon Call 12/12/17
* 1 day school, 1 day study, 3 days new PL company
* new company: statistical relation AI
* Coding is not the new literacy
* Where Jaime and Chris agree
* Chris thought models should already be entirely intuiative. Should be able to write things down without any training.
* feedback
* blockly replacement
* who would actually use this?
* semi-structured is good
* like google email search
* broken states are useful on the way to the next valid state
* (note to self: look into the new editor thing that the guy who made codemirror)
* not highest leverage thing to work on. language improvement is highest expected value
* FRP Scratch
* who is the user?
* at eve
* goal was too general
* user was too broad
* does not prioritize any one design over another
* difficult to make a decision, agonizing over each one
* constantly stuck at each branch in the road
* need a bunch of use-cases, users, problems, principles
* really nice to have a customer
* they are going to have a consulting side of the company
* how he got job at Eve
* they rejected him in interview, but then got along well at conference
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