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#!/usr/bin/env python
import json, os, pandas as pd, numpy as np, random as rd
from scipy.misc import imread
from wordcloud import WordCloud
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import operator
MASK_PATH = os.path.expanduser('~/concept-navigator/lip_modules/mask_image.png')
FONT_PATH = os.path.expanduser('~/concept-navigator/lip_modules/EuphemiaCAS.ttc')
def dct_max_key(dct):
return max(dct.iteritems(), key=operator.itemgetter(1))[0]
def blue_red_color_func(word=None, font_size=None, position=None,
orientation=None, font_path=None, random_state=None,
ordinal=None, **kwargs):
dct = kwargs['word_partisanship'][ordinal]
huedict = {'Lab': 360, 'Con': 220, 'LD': 35}
saturation, threshold = 70, 0.45
key = dct_max_key(dct)
if dct[key] > threshold:
hue, luminance = huedict[key], int(dct[key] * 50.0)
hue, saturation, luminance = 0, 0, 60.0
colour_val = 'hsl(%d, %d%%, %d%%)' % (hue, saturation, luminance)
return colour_val
def create_wordcloud(wordcloud_data):
mask = imread(MASK_PATH)
wordcloud = WordCloud(max_words=1000, mask=mask, stopwords=None, margin=10, random_state=1,
font_path=FONT_PATH, prefer_horizontal=1.0, width=WORD_CLOUD_WIDTH,
height = WORD_CLOUD_HEIGHT, background_color='black', mode='RGBA')
word_importance_list = [(dct['word'], dct['importance']) for dct in wordcloud_data['words']]
partisanship_list = [dct['partisanship'] for dct in wordcloud_data['words']]
kwargs = {'word_partisanship': partisanship_list}
wordcloud.generate_from_frequencies(word_importance_list, **kwargs)
return wordcloud
def save_wordcloud(wordcloud, wcfile):
with open(wcfile, 'w') as f:
plt.savefig(f, format='png')
def get_cluster_model_data(numdict, key):
val = numdict[key]
wilfilepath = '/Users/enrightward/Desktop/coding/wordclouds/ukhansard/%s/alldatanew/cluster_model_data_%i.txt' % (key, val)
with open(wilfilepath, 'r') as f:
wordcloud_data = [json.loads(entry) for entry in'\n') if len(entry) > 0]
return wordcloud_data
def make_wc_images(cluster_model_data, numdict, key):
val = numdict[key]
for i, wordcloud_data in enumerate(cluster_model_data):
wcfile = '/Users/enrightward/Desktop/coding/wordclouds/ukhansard/%s/alldatanew/ukh_wordcloud_alldata_%i_%i.png' % (key, val, i)
wordcloud = create_wordcloud(wordcloud_data)
save_wordcloud(wordcloud, wcfile)
numdict = {'five': 5, 'ten': 10, 'twenty': 20, 'thirty': 30, 'fifty': 50}
for key in numdict.keys():
cluster_model_data = get_cluster_model_data(numdict, key)
make_wc_images(cluster_model_data, numdict, key)