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Ansible playbook to build a basic DevStack instance inside of an OpenStack public cloud.


This presumes I have ansible and python-novaclient installed, I have sourced my openrc file, and adde a key to nova. If using this in a Rackspace public cloud then rackspace-novaclient is installed as well.


$ ./boot instance-name flavor
$ ansible-playbook devstack_setup/setup.yml -i instance-name

where instance-name and flavor are replaced by my values

This should result in allowing me to ssh into my new host su down to the ubuntu user and start interacting with the DevStack installed in /opt/devstack


  • probably should generate an openrc for the ubuntu user and source it in the ubuntu .profile
  • maybe make the local.conf file configurable or customizable because it uses a stock config file from the docs.
  • instance name prefix, image-id and key-id are all hardcoded into the boot script. maybe make them paramable or from env. See "" for more on DevStack.