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PolyHook - x86/x64 Hooking Library

Provides abstract C++ 11 interface for various hooking methods

Technical Writeup:


Please use V2: Consider sponsoring my development by clicking sponsor up in the top right!

Hooking Methods*:

  1. Detour
  • Description: Modifies opcode to jmp to hook and allocates a trampoline for jmp back
  • Length Disassembler Support (Capstone)
  • Supports Code Relocation, including EIP/RIP relative instructions
  1. Virtual Function Detour :
  • Description: Detours the function pointed to by the Vtable
  1. Virtual Function Pointer Swap
  • Description: Swaps the pointer in the Vtable to your hook
  1. Virtual Table Pointer Swap
  • Description: Swaps the Vtable pointer after copying pointers in source Vtable, then swaps virtual function pointer in the new copy
  1. Import Address Table
  • Description: Swaps pointer in the import address table to the hook
  1. VEH
  • Description: Intercepts an exception generated on purpose, sets instruction pointer to handler, then resets exception generating mechanism

  • Methods to generate exception: INT3 Breakpoints, Guard Page violations.

  • Note: it is important to call the GetProtectionObject function INSIDE of your callback as per my example for all VEH hooks

  • Other exception generation methods are in development

  • All methods support x86 and x64

  • Relies on modified capstone branch

  • More Information can be found at the wiki to the right

Credits to DarthTon, evolution536, Dogmatt


The file Tests.cpp provides examples for every type of hooking method. Accompanied with these examples is unit testing code provided by the fantastic library Catch ( With the addition of this code the example may look a little complex, the general interface is extremely simple, all hook types expose setup, hook, and unhook methods:

std::shared_ptr<PLH::Detour> Detour_Ex(new PLH::Detour);
Detour_Ex->SetupHook((BYTE*)&MessageBoxA,(BYTE*) &hkMessageBoxA); //can cast to byte* to
oMessageBoxA = Detour_Ex->GetOriginal<tMessageBoxA>();




x86/x64 C++ Hooking Library







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