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Search Engine Notes



  • git submodule update --init
  • bundle install
  • gem install foreman

Run locally with foreman

  • foreman check
  • foreman start

Deploying to Heroku

  • git push heroku master

ENV variables


We use one ENV variable (HOOK_PATH) to set the hook path we use in the Specs repo’s post-receive-hook to update the search engine’s index: heroku config:add HOOK_PATH=some_garbled_hook_path.
This calls an URL on the app which causes it to update the search engine index by downloading the Specs zip file and indexing from the unzipped content, replacing the old index.
(Note: It’s not secure against brute force, man-in-the-middle etc., but a simple security to discourage DoS)

To change HOOK_PATH:

  1. heroku config:add HOOK_PATH=some_other_garbled_hook_path
  2. Update the post-receive-hook in the Specs repo to the new garbled path.
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