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Jekyll + Netlify CMS

This is the basic Jekyll starter site, with Netlify CMS integrated.

Getting Started

netlify-git-api users add
netlify-git-api serve

Then open a new terminal, cd into your new repo and run:

bundle install
bundle exec jekyll server --watch

Now navigate to localhost:4000 to preview the site, and to localhost:4000/admin to log into the CMS.

Deploying to production

To deploy to production, make sure to push this repository to a Github repo you own.

Then go to netlify and start a new project. Pick your new Github repository. Netlify should fill out the build command and public folder (jekyll build and /_site).

Build and deploy the site.

Now go to the GitHub developer application screen and register new application.

Once you've setup the application, go back to netlify, navigate to the Access tab. Then fill in your new Client ID and Client Secret in the Github Authentication Provider and check the Enable GitHub box.

Now anybody with write access to your GitHub repository can log in at and use the CMS.


Bug reports, feature requests, etc

We love feedback, contributions, better documentation, tutorials, general comments, random hatemail, rants, love, crazy ideas, etc, etc!

Contact us at any of netlify's normal channels and open issues or pull requests at the netlify-cms GitHub repo


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