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Plugin boilerplate for decker, declarative penetration testing orchestration framework.
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Quick start

  1. make docker_run
  2. make build_plugin
  3. make run
  4. cat /tmp/reports/

Directory structure

├── build
│   └── package
│       └── Dockerfile
├── cmd
│   └── decker-plugin
│       └── main.go
├── decker-plugin.hcl
├── examples
│   └── plugin-schema-test.hcl
├── Makefile
  • cmd/decker-plugin/main.go contains the "Hello World" plugin code. This is a working plugin that can be compiled and run immediately to get a feel for what's happening. If you make changes to expected inputs in decker-plugin.hcl, be sure to make changes in examples/plugin-test.hcl as well to set values to the inputs. These will be available in main.go in the inputsMap as myNewVariable := (*inputsMap)["my_decker_variable_name"]. Anything assigned to (*resultsMap)["raw_output"] will be written to a report file at /tmp/reports/
  • decker-plugin.hcl declares the inputs that your plugin expects to have configured by the user.
  • examples/plugin-test.hcl is a simple decker config file that will run your new plugin.
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