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Gitil (a contraction of Git and utils) is a set of tools that I have developed to simplify some common tasks I often have todo in Git such as merging a branch into master our creating a tag and pushing the tag. Originialy some of these tools where python scripts, but I have decided to bundle them into a singular CLI program. Everyone is free to use and extend my program, however there aren't are a lot of error handeling checks build in, therefore I don't recommend using this for mission critcial enterprise projects as it can really mess up your git repo's.

Why Go?

Like I said I wanted to bundle my python scripts in a cross platform CLI tool. C and C++ where to difficult and too verbose for me. I was learning Go as a side project and decided that this would be an excellent test case for trying to improve my Go skills.

How to use

Grab a binary from the latest release and add it to your $path. You can also clone this repo and run the makefile. After instalation run gitil help.

Supported functions

  • Single command merging a branch to master
  • Single command mering master into a branch
  • Single command merging master in all brances
  • Git cloning
  • Single commmand rest hard
  • Create a gitignore from from the command line
  • Single commnad fetch all
  • Single command add all, commmit and push
  • Single command create tag and push

Tip run gitil help to see all commands.

Todo list

  • Automaticly clonening, creating a gitignore, creating a v0.1.0 tag and pushing it all
  • Way better error handling
  • A plugin system
  • Plugins for my IDE's and Editors