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AWS Amplify Console Workshop
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Amplify Console Workshop

In this workshop, you will learn how to deploy two sample apps to the AWS Amplify Console.

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You will start by deploying your first app, which is a simple static website and will help you to get familiar with the development flow for Amplify Console. In Module 3 you will deploy a second app which also creates backend AWS Resources using the AWS Amplify Framework.

Workshop Modules

Note: The workshop is designed so that the modules should be completed in order.

Initial Setup

Click on the link to module 0 below to get started with the initial setup.

Module 0 - Initial Setup

Amplify Console Steps

Once you are setup get started with the Amplify Console from Module 1 onwards.

Module 1 - Deploying your first app

Module 2 - Manaing Environments

Module 3 - Deploying Backend Resources

Resource Cleanup

Finally cleanup your AWS resources in Module 4.

Module 4 - Resource Cleanup

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