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Simple Proxy Server für ChurchTools ( to forward API requests avoiding CORS problems.
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Church Tools Proxy-Server

Simple proxy server for ChurchTools ( to forward API requests and avoiding CORS problems.


Steps to initialize the project:

  1. Either import via composer: composer require stevenbuehner/churchtoolsproxyserver or copy the github project and run composer dump-autoload
  2. Copy proxy.php and configure it with your credentials

For testing use cases you can run your server via: php -S localhost:8080


Send a POST-request from any allowed Host (see setup of proxy.php) to your proxy.php.

Required POST Parameters are:

Parameter-Name Values Required Example
m Name of ChurchTools Module true "churchcal/ajax"
f Name of ChurchTools function (see) true "getMasterData"
data Additional data to forward to ChurchTools false ['category_ids' => [1,2,3]]


An example VueJs App using this proxy can be found at:

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