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Adding initial user authentication. #2

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anolson commented May 9, 2011

I added some simple user authentication.


can you remove the commented out stuff about rides?


This is starting to feel like it needs to be 3 separate lines
1 -- check for truly invalid responses (result.nil?) and maybe result["error"].blank? (raises InvalidResponseError)
2 -- AuthenticationErrors
3 -- more InvalidResponses if result[key] is nil?

I'm worried that if result comes back nil, then result["error"] will blow up


I'd like to get this merged in, but I've got a couple of questions / requests.

First, I wasn't aware that this API existed. As far as I can tell, Strava doesn't require authentication. From reading the code, it seems like the point is to get access to properties of your account rather than the token. Is that it?

Also, could you add a section to the README that explains these additions and how to use them?

Finally, I made a couple of comments on specific files / lines, I was hoping you could take a look at those.



Oops... I didn't mean to close it.

@stevenchanin stevenchanin reopened this Jul 2, 2011
anolson commented Jul 5, 2011

There are now several API methods that require user authentication by including a token with the request. is one example.

I'm using the user authentication in a small app that I wrote, to avoid having the user having to create yet another account. Only option I could come up with, since they don't support OpenID.

I'll update the README.

anolson commented Jul 5, 2011

Sorry about borking up the branch. I rebased to master.

The commit that you want for the README is 6de69e5

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