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Materials for running a Team-Based Inquiry Learning linear algebra course
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Source files and built PDFs for running a Team-Based Inquiry Learning linear algebra course.

By Steven Clontz and Drew Lewis.

Read this first!

This repo is still a work-in-progress. However, feel free to use it as-is or adapt these materials for your course. Contact us using a link above if you do!

For instructors

All the needed materials are available in the PDF folder. See facilitator-notes.pdf for more information on implementing these materials in your classroom.

Local sectioning

For developers and/or instructors who would like to partition the slides into sections without changing the repository, run the following commands: git update-index --assume-unchanged tex/modules/*/index.tex git update-index --assume-unchanged pdf/course-slides-sectioned.pdf git update-index --assume-unchanged tex/slides/slides-*.tex git update-index --assume-unchanged pdf/slides/slides-*.pdf

Then, you can edit tex/modules/*/index.tex as you like to include different activities in different sections; resulting changes will be built to pdf/course-slides-sectioned.pdf and pdf/slides/slides-*.pdf. pdf/course-slides.pdf will retain the slides with no section labels.


All source files are located within ./tex. These files are designed to be built by pdflatex run from within this folder, so .tex files located in this folder (not within a subfolder) may be built directly for development purposes. A makefile is provided so that materials may be built by running make.

During development, it's recommended to run (e.g.) make pdf/slides-1-E.pdf to build only the appropriate piece of the project for testing purposes. A make slides command is provided that will make only the individual module slides.

When possible, run the global make build as its own commit so that content changes aren't hidden within a large build.

For convenience, files ignored by Git (e.g. TeX auxiliary files) may be removed by running git clean -fX.

Style Guide

  • Definitions should use \term{} for the term being defined.
  • LaTeX-style math delimiters \(x\) and \[x\] should be used in place of TeX-style delimiters $x$ and $$x$$.
  • Bracket delimiters should follow BSD/Allman style.
    • Exceptions can be made for e.g. \newcommand issues
  • Sets should use the provided \setBuilder and \setList commands.
  • Use alignat or alignedat environments for systems of equations.
  • Unless necessary, limit lines to 80 characters for clean git diffs.
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